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Braska’s Final Aeon.

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Because there’s never enough versions of Hiimdaisy Persona’s comics

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So, if you follow me, you’ve probably heard about Orion by now. But what you may not know yet is how close we are to reaching our goal and how many amazing people have worked on this project.

This has been in development since March (one of the early character sketches for Sam above, done by Polina). We have three awesome artists, two talented composers, and a cast of voice actors that are at a professional-caliber. It’s all come together in an awesome demo, that you can check out for yourself on the KS page.

We are at about $4,000 and we need $5,000 in order for us to get any of it. Without your support, we’ll get zero and the game will never be made. This has been the product of so many cool people, I’d be so disappointed if it didn’t have a chance to get further than it is.

If you have any ability to give a few dollars, or even something more, that’d be amazingly appreciated. There’s awesome rewards you can get for donating, so you’re not getting nothing in return. And to those who have already backed the project, thank you for supporting us!

We’re so close!



“will u marry me?”

“okie dokie”